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The site is organized into principal sections, each of which has numerous subsections on different pages. Each section starts with a summary of the topics and key skills covered, so you can see at a glance whether this is content you are already familiar with. You can always go back later if you find you are missing a key piece of information.

To follow sequentially:
Use the link at the foot of each page, or the “Next” icon in the navgation side bar
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Browse through the sub-menu items, or use the concept map or site map links in the “Quick Links” side bar
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Site conventions:

Different text formats indicate different actions or operations. Things you need to type will be denoted with the Courier font. Menus will be denoted with bold Arial, with the menu item in Arial, e.g. File→New means select the New item in the File menu. Options, buttons in dialog boxes and the Enter (Mac: return) key will also use this font. Dialog box titles will be in bold Times. Excel™ functions will be denoted with ALL-CAPS COURIER.