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Qin, X.; Sufi, J.; Vlckova, P.; Kyriakidou, P.; Acton, S. E.; Li, V. S. W.; Nitz, M.; Tape, C. J. Cell-Type-Specific Signaling Networks In Heterocellular Organoids. Nature Methods 2020, 17, 335–342.
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Rose, C. D.; Pompili, D.; Henke, K.; Van Gennip, J. L. M.; Meyer-Miner, A.; Rana, R.; Gobron, S.; Harris, M. P.; Nitz, M.; Ciruna, B. Sco-Spondin Defects And Neuroinflammation Are Conserved Mechanisms Driving Spinal Deformity Across Genetic Models Of Idiopathic Scoliosis. Curr Biol 2020, 30 (12), 2363-2373.e6.
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Bamford, N. C.; Le Mauff, F.; Subramanian, A. S.; Yip, P.; Millán, C.; Zhang, Y.; Zacharias, C.; Forman, A.; Nitz, M.; Codée, J. D. C.; Usón, I.; Sheppard, D. C.; P Howell, L. Ega3 From The Fungal Pathogen Is An Endo-Α-1,4-Galactosaminidase That Disrupts Microbial Biofilms. J Biol Chem 2019, 294 (37), 13833-13849.
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Forman, A.; Pfoh, R.; Eddenden, A.; P Howell, L.; Nitz, M. Synthesis Of Defined Mono-De-N-Acetylated Β-(1→6)-N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine Oligosaccharides To Characterize Pgab Hydrolase Activity. Org Biomol Chem 2019, 17 (43), 9456-9466.
Bassan, J.; Willis, L. M.; Vellanki, R. N.; Nguyen, A.; Edgar, L. J.; Wouters, B. G.; Nitz, M. Tephe, A Tellurium-Containing Phenylalanine Mimic, Allows Monitoring Of Protein Synthesis In Vivo With Mass Cytometry. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2019, 116 (17), 8155-8160.