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Darcy Burns, Ph.D.

Darcy received a Ph.D. in Bio-organic Chemistry from the University of Toronto and has been managing NMR instrumentation and facilities for over 14 years. Darcy is technically proficient with a wide variety of NMR instrumentation and has a broad experience with experimental NMR methodology.


We are in the process of hiring a new Research Associate to the CSICOMP NMR Facility.  The Research Associate will be a dedicated facility staff member who will assist with facility operations and help our client base to acquire and interpret both routine and complicated NMR experiments. Stay tuned for more information.

Jack Sheng, Ph.D.

Dr. Jack Sheng received his PhD in Analytical Chemistry (2015) from the University of Toronto under the supervision of Professor Michael Thompson. His Ph.D. studies focused on the development of biosensor and surface modification.

Jack has strong technical expertise in analytical methodology and instrumentation.