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Panorama of NMR Facility

The Centre for Spectroscopic Investigation of Complex Organic Molecules and Polymers

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance facility in the Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto

Welcome to the Centre for Spectroscopic Investigation of Complex Organic Molecules and Polymers in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Toronto. We offer services to both University and outside users. Most of our equipment is operated hands-on by trained graduate and undergraduate students. Also, staff are on hand to advise and train students, to run more complicated experiments and to acquire data as requested.

NEW BOOK from the CSICOMP NMR Facility!:  Optimizing NMR Methods for Structure Elucidation (Darcy C. Burns and William F. Reynolds)


For University of Toronto clients — with a UTORID, you can access additional materials in Quercus. Quercus contains information on upcoming training sessions, FAQs, facility sign-up rules, MNova license files, electronic versions of forms, and all sorts of other great NMR resources. Feel free to contact the Facility Manager, Dr. Darcy C. Burns, to request access to the Quercus NMR@Chemistry page.

For Outside clients —  feel free to browse this site to find on-line request forms, contact information, and some sample prices. Check out the New lower rates for external users: $20/proton (tube and solvent included), $50 flat rate for carbon NMR, and $30 / EPR spectrum.

For all users — our NMR Spectrometer Status Page and Booking Scheduler contain up-to-date information on spectrometer availability and upcoming notices.


Are you new to the facility and would like an NMR account?  You can get started with training here! With a UTORID, you can access all of the training material in Quercus.