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Panorama of NMR Facility

The Centre for Spectroscopic Investigation of Complex Organic Molecules and Polymers

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance facility in the Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto

Welcome to the Centre for Spectroscopic Investigation of Complex Organic Molecules and Polymers in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Toronto. We offer services to both University and outside users. Most of our equipment is operated hands-on by trained graduate and undergraduate students. Also, staff are on hand to advise and train students, to run more complicated experiments and to acquire data as requested.



2020-10-26:  Mandatory UCHECK is now required for all clients visiting the facility

  • Beginning October 26, 2020, all employees and students at the University, including faculty members, librarians, and administrative staff, will be required to complete a health screening when they plan to work on a property owned or operated by the University of Toronto. The screening tool (uCheck) is available online at (UTORid login required).
  • On the days when you are scheduled to come on-site, before you come on-site, please complete the self-assessment as per link above. If your self-assessment result is red, please let me know immediately and do not go on-site or enter any University buildings!

2020-07-01:  The CSICOMP NMR Facility is now open and accepting Samples from all clients for Curb-side Service, Service Requests and Restricted Open-Access. 

  • Please See our COVID19 Re-opening Plan below for details. As always, feel free to get in touch with an questions or requests by sending us an e-mail.

INSTAGRAM:  Connect with us at UofTorontoNMR

  • Keep up to date with 'Spectrum of the Month Contest' winners and see what your friendly neighborhood NMR staff are up to. 

NEW BOOK from the CSICOMP NMR Facility! 




For all users

  • Our NMR Spectrometer Status Page and Booking Scheduler contain up-to-date information on spectrometer availability and upcoming notices.

For University of Toronto clients

  • Are you new to the facility and would like an NMR account?  Get started with an account request and training here!
  • You can access tonnes of fantasitic additional material with your UTORID and Quercus. Quercus contains information on upcoming training sessions, FAQs, SOPs, facility sign-up rules, MNova license files, electronic versions of forms, and all sorts of other great NMR resources. Please contact the Facility Manager, Dr. Darcy C. Burns, to request access to the Quercus NMR@Chemistry page.

For Outside clients

  • Interesting in accessing our spectrometers and acquiring your own NMR account.  No problem - please contact the Facility Manager (Dr. Darcy C. Burns) for more information.
  • feel free to browse this site to find on-line request forms, contact information, and some sample prices. Check out the New lower rates for external users: $20/proton (tube and solvent included), $50 flat rate for carbon NMR, and $30 / EPR spectrum.


COVID19:  Phase 2 SOP outline

The CSICOMP NMR Facility is utilizing a multi-pronged approach to ensure the safety of its staff and students during Phase 2 re-opening.  Curb-side sample drop-off and pick-up services have been implemented during business hours in an effort to limit facility traffic and reduce risks associated with SARS-CoV-2 contact exposure.  The facility reverts to open-access with strict traffic controls and maximum room occupancy rules after hours and on weekends.  Staff service requests are available throughout and can be organized by contacting Dr. Darcy C. Burns or by using the on-line 'Contact Us'; form on this webpage.  Curb-side service and open-access SOPs are available on request and are posted at the NMR@Chemistry Quercus page ( 

In general, cleaning and disinfection protocols have been implemented along with traffic management plans to ensure low client density within the facility. Strict entry SOPs and health triage are enforced; clients must wear face masks, don clean gloves, and maintain 2m physical distancing when working in the facility.  Similarly, on-site staff SOPs will be enforced to ensure common work areas are cleaned and disinfected prior to and at the end of each business day.


Weekdays (business hours):  Curb-side Sample Drop-off and Pick-up service

  • A contact-less curb-side sample drop-off and pick-up protocol has been instituted during weekday business hours.  Clients can submit experiments using on-line forms after sample drop-off.  Samples and associated experiments will be scheduled for batch submission to autosampler spectrometers periodically throughout the day by staff. Similarly, samples will be collected and placed for curbside pick-up throughout the day so that students have the opportunity for same-day and next-day sample retrieval. 
    • clients are encouraged to consolidate group samples and drop them off batchwise to limit traffic at the NMR facility.
    • clients can select and submit experiments in a sample- and spectrometer-specific fashion using On-line Experiment Submission Forms from any network-attached device.  On-line Experiment submissions can be carried out on-site or off-site.
    • clients will be expected to maintain 2m physical distancing, wear masks, and carry out a cleaning and disinfection regimen during sample drop-off and pick-up. 
    • curb-side services are available for all NMR tube types (3mm, 5mm, J-young) and for all basic 1D and 2D NMR experiments.
  • Staff service requests are also available to clients during business hours.  These requests are reserved for complicated or set-up intensive experiments (e.g. variable temperature, reaction kinetics, selective excitation, triple resonance, etc.) and can be arranged on-line.  The associated samples can be dropped off and picked up as outlined above. 
  • All other staff-student interactions are occuring remotely (e.g. data processing, analysis, assistance, troubleshooting, and other NMR-related activities). 


Weeknights / Weekends: Open Access Service

  • Weekends and weeknights revert to an open-access workflow for all NMR spectrometers.  Open-access SOPs containing detailed sample submission instructions are available on request and at the NMR@Chemistry Quercus page ( Briefly:
    • the number of clients allowed into the NMR facility will be limited to 3 at any one time
    • traffic will be directed sequentially through three stations from entrance to exit to ensure 2m physical distancing at all times
    • stations will consist of 1) an entrance, 2) a cleaning station to obtain/don clean gloves and, 3) collectively, the spectrometers.  Only one client may occupy a station at any given time.
    • clients are expected to submit samples in an efficient manner and use auto-logout features at non-autosampler spectrometers such that they do not linger at spectrometers or in the facility
    • clients are expected to book time prior to submitting experiments at the bookable spectrometers.
      • Bookings can be made through the CSICOMP NMR Facility Booking scheduler. 
      • It is advised that bookings are padded by 10 minutes to ensure sufficient time for clients to pass through the entrance and client sign-in stations.
  • Clients are expected to wear masks prior to arrival at the facility and maintain strict cleaning protocols at the workstations before and after submitting samples.
  • Please note that work cannot be carried out in the facility between midnight and 7:00a in accordance with University of Toronto regulations ( to an external site.).  Please do not access the facility or carry out NMR experiments between 7:00a.m. and midnight.