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We are a full service NMR Facility that welcomes all users of NMR—internal to the University or external businesses and institutes.

  • Your samples can be submitted directly to the facility for preparation, spectrometer optimization, and acquisition by facility staff.
    • Your NMR data will reside on a secure data server and is backed up weekly
  • We are available for consultation, for research support, and to collaborate for NMR data collection, processing, and interpretation.
  • For those that prefer to collect their own spectra, we also train clients on routine or advanced NMR techniques.
    • Many of the spectrometers are available with an easy-to-use sample changer interface that allow for NMR acquisition at the click of a button.
    • We can provide facility accounts on demand  - for more details, feel free to enquire below
  • In addition to proton, carbon and many 2D NMR techniques, we can acquire NMR on a wide variety of nuclei, in liquids, semi-solids or solids.
  • We can follow standard operating procedures for external samples—please use our sample submission/chain of custody form for SOP samples.
  • Sample submission forms are available below or from CSICOMP Submission Form.
  • For samples to be submitted following SOPs, please use this form: CSICOMP Submission Form for SOPs.

Contact us—External

For further information for external service work, please contact:

Darcy Burns, MSc PhD
Facilities Development Manager
office: LM14
phone: 416-978-0448
fax: 416-978-8775

University of Toronto
Department of Chemistry
80 St George Street Toronto, ON
M5S 3H6 Canada

Our rates
Proton, run by staff $20
Carbon, run by staff, must be submitted neat or in a 3-mm NMR tube $50
Other nuclei or 2D NMR, industrial (run by staff) Hourly
Reports Hourly
Solids NMR, includes rotor use and rotor packing (per sample) Hourly
Use of 700 MHz spectrometer, industrial Hourly
Training Competitive rates
SOP samples Competitive rates
EPR, run by staff $30 per spectrum
  • Hourly fees are calculated per minute.
  • Carbon spectra must have proton spectra run first.
  • Reduced rates can be negotiated for bulk sample submissions
  • Rates are for 2018 and subject to change; please don't hesitate to inquire about hourly rates.