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  • Environmental Chemical Biology

     Developing novel techniques at the interface between chemistry and biology to answer fundamental questions related to environmental chemicals.

Our group is interested in the development of bioanalytical methods to identify chemical contaminants and their toxicity mechanisms. Particularly, we aim to dissect the physical interactions between chemical contaminants and proteins, on the global level. Our group research involves environmental chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry and toxicology.

If you are interested in joining our group, please contact Prof. Peng at


Apr-2021 Congrats on Jiajun's paper accepted by the Environmental Health Perspectives

In this large screening study, we discovered several interesting metabolism pathways of PFASs by employing non-targeted analysis. Many thanks to our collaborators Wen Gu, Song Tang, Henry Krause and Keith Houck!

Mar-2021: We received the ES&T Excellence in Review award

Two UofT environmental chemists received the ES&T Excellence in Review award this year (!

Feb-2021 Congrats on Steven's ES&T paper! Great work!

We developed an one-stop non-targeted analysis algorithm to screen unknown indoor halogenated contaminants.We are currently expanding the algorithm to more nontarget screening studies. Many thanks to our collaborators Dr. Tang and Dr. Hu. 

Jan-2021 Congrats on Holly's ES&T paper! A great new year present!

Our paper on the nontarget analysis of PFASs in beluga whales has been accepted for publication in Environmental Science and Technology! Great work, Holly! Many thanks to our great collaborators Jon, Magali, and Stephane, as well as the sponsor, NSERC/DFO.

Jan-2021 COVID-19 wastewater surveillance kicked off!

We will be working with Prof. Elizabeth Edwards to monitor SARS-CoV-2 in wastewaters from Ontario and UofT residence buildings. We hope that analytical chemistry techniques can help fight aganist the pandemic!


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Phone: 416-978-4756
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