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Computational resources

Chemical Physics Theory Group maintains several High Performance Compute Clusters and Supercomputers. In addition, our researchers are users of the Scinet Supercomputer centre as well as some of the Compute Canada facilities.


The Chemistry Library is located at the Department of Chemistry at St.George Campus and is a part of the University of Toronto Library System.


The Chemical Physics Theory Group is housed in a recently modernized wing of the Chemistry Building. It provides excellent, quiet space with modern offices in which graduate students and postdocs naturally interact. The group maintains a Seminar Room, a kitchenette with assorted appliances, including espresso machine, juice maker and lots more.

  • Chemical Physics Theory Group
  • World Famous Espresso Machine
  • CPTG Seminar Room
  • Kitchenette with coffee machine, juice maker and lots more.
  • A quite place