Research Opportunities in the Schofield Group

Graduate Students: There are openings for graduate students. Interested students are encouraged to apply to the Graduate Programme in the Department of Chemistry.
Postdoctoral fellowship: Applicants are sought to fill a postdoctoral research position in the Schofield research group in the Chemical Physics Theory Group at the University of Toronto to work on projects concerned with either the dynamics of simple models of proteins or microscopic models of active systems in non-equilibrium and steady states. The position is for one year, salary negotiable, starting in January, 2017 with the possibility of a second year upon mutual agreement. Researchers with a Ph.D. in statistical physics or theoretical chemical physics are encouraged to apply, particularly those with experience in both analytical and numerical simulation techniques. Interested candidates should send a CV summarizing research interests and experience, a list of publications and should arrange to have 3 letters of reference sent to:

Professor Jeremy Schofield
Chemical Physics Theory Group,
Department of Chemistry,
80 St. George St.,
University of Toronto,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada   M5S 3H6

Phone: (416)-978-4376

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