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Current Members

Undergraduate Students

MSc Students

Juliana joined the Zamble lab in 2017 after obtaining her BSc from McGill University in Bio-Organic Chemistry (Honours). She is currently investigating the details of metallochaperone mediated nickel transport within E. coli by examining the metal-selectivity and sensitivity of HypB. 

PhD Students

Karina obtained her BMSc from Western University in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. She joined the Zamble lab in 2015, and is studying the mechanism of nickel-activated allosteric regulation of the NikR transcription factor in Helicobacter pylori. 


Stephanie completed her BSc at the University of Toronto in Chemistry (2017). She previously worked in the Zamble lab (summer 2015) studying metal binding properties of the metallochaperone protein, HypB. She rejoined in the summer of 2018 to study and validate the hydrogenase activity of knockout strains of E. coli using an optimized high – throughput assay developed by Michael Lacasse.

Wayne received his BSc from McMaster University in Chemical Biology and joined the Zamble lab in 2017. He is studying the only known nickel selective transporter in E. coli.