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Welcome to Zamble Lab

Welcome to the Zamble Lab website!


We study the biological and chemical mechanisms of intracellular nickel homeostasis. Many pathogenic bacteria use nickel as an essential nutrient, requiring a variety of nickel homeostasis pathways to maintain nickel availability and distribution while restricting undesirable exposure to avoid toxicity. These unique pathways provide attractive targets for new antimicrobial strategies, and a fundamental understanding of the factors involved is necessary to achieve such a goal.


We apply a multidisciplinary approach while drawing methods from fields such as structural biology, protein chemistry, microbiology, and inorganic spectroscopy.




Stephanie was a summer student in the Zamble lab during undergrad and has now returned as a MSc Student in the Chemistry Department. Welcome back Stephanie!

Mike Jones can now change his title from Mr. to Dr. on his magazine and journal subscriptions! Congratulations! 

Michael Nosella and Gaelen Moore join the Zamble lab as rotating graduate students in the biochemistry department for 5 weeks. Welcome Mike and Gaelen!

Karla Castro joins the Zamble lab as a rotating graduate student in the biochemistry department for 5 weeks. Welcome Karla!

Juliana and Paul join the group as PhD and Master's students, repesctively, in the chemistry department. Welcome Juliana and Paul!

Contact Info

Department of Chemistry
University of Toronto
80 St. George St.
Toronto, Ontario  M5S 3H6
Lab: Room 452
Phone:  416-946-8021
Office: Room 443
Office Phone/Fax: 416-978-3568