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 All organisms employ inorganic elements for life, but with distinct requirements.  For example, many pathogenic bacteria use nickel as an essential nutrient, taking advantage of the nickel ions that we ingest in a normal diet.  These unique nickel pathways provide attractive targets for the design of new antibiotics, and a fundamental understanding of these factors is necessary to achieve such a goal. In the Zamble lab we are studying how Nature uses transition metals, with a particular focus on the biological chemistry of nickel. We apply a multidisciplinary approach while drawing methods from fields such as protein chemistry, microbiology, structural biology, and inorganic spectroscopy.   

Welcome to Zamble Lab


Wayne joins the Zamble group as a MSc. Student. Welcome Wayne!

Tam and Nick joins the Zamble group as undergraduate students. Welcome Tam and Nick!

We hope that you will enjoy our new website with improved designs and updated informations regarding the lab. Please feel free to send us your questions, comments or suggestions.

Contact Info

Department of Chemistry
University of Toronto
80 St. George St.
Toronto, Ontario  M5S 3H6
Lab: Room 452
Phone:  416-946-8021
Office: Room 443
Office Phone/Fax: 416-978-3568