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  • Yudin Group

    Welcome to our research group in organic chemistry at the University of Toronto!

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Welcome to Yudin Group


We are fortunate to welcome Frauke Weidlich from Armido Studer's lab at the University of Muenster!

Congratulations to Harry, Diego and our collaborators from the Tantillo and Schofield labs for the publication of their recent work on the Synthesis and Application of Constrained Amidoboronic Acids Using Amphoteric Boron-Containing Building Blocks in the Journal of Organic Chemistry!

A very warm welcome to our lab's first year graduate students Chelsey (B.Sc. UBC Okanagan), Nick (B.Sc. McMaster University), and Matthew (B.Sc. and M.Sc. University of Waterloo)!

Congratulations to Vincent, Tien and Alina for the publication of their review on the toic of Interruted reactions in chemical synthesis in Nature Reviews Chemistry!

Congratulations to Tien, Alina the Synthesis of Borylated Hydrazino Acid Derivatives in the Synthesis special issue dedicated to Prof. Sarah Reisman! 

Congratulations to Harry, Diego and Katherine on the recent publication of their work on the  Synthesis of Fluorinated Aminoalkylboronic Acids from Amphoteric α-Boryl Aldehydes in Angewandte Chemie!

Congratulations to Alina, Aleksandra, Tien and Martynas for the publication of their work on Acylboronates in Polarity-Reversed Generation of Acyl Palladium(II) Intermediates in Organic Letters!

Our most recent JACS article has been highlighted in Spotlights on Recent JACS Publications!

Congratulations to Shinya, Sean and Solomon for their publication on Two-Dimensional Barriers for Probing Conformational Shifts in Macrocycles in J. Am. Chem. Soc.!

Congratulations to Aleks and Chirag for the publication of their perspective on Acyl Metalloids: Conformity and Deviation from Carbonyl Reactivity in Chemical Science! 

Our most recent Nature Chemistry manuscript was featured as the cover for the March issue! A big thank you to artist Ella Marushchenko

Congratulations to Diego, Solomon, Anastasia, Yury, Timothy and Gabe for the publication of their work on Illuminating the dark conformational space of macrocycles using dominant rotors in Nature Chemistry!

 Andrei's invited opinion article on Space, energy and synthetic half-reactions has been published in Chemistry World!

We wish to welcome our new postdoctoral fellow George Saunders (PhD University of Warwick)!

Congratulations to Sherif, Tien, Stephanie, Marty and collaborators for their most recent publication on Oxidative Rearrangement of MIDA (N-Methyliminodiacetic Acid) Boronates: Mechanistic Insights and Synthetic Applications!

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