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  • Yudin Group

    Welcome to our research group in organic chemistry at the University of Toronto!

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Welcome to Yudin Group


Congratulations to Diego, Solomon, Anastasia, Yury, Timothy and Gabe for the publication of their work on Illuminating the dark conformational space of macrocycles using dominant rotors in Nature Chemistry!

Congratulations to Sherif, Tien, Stephanie, Marty and collaborators for their most recent publication on Oxidative Rearrangement of MIDA (N-Methyliminodiacetic Acid) Boronates: Mechanistic Insights and Synthetic Applications!

Congratulations to Sean and Solomon for the publication of their work on Amidine Functionality As a Conformational Probe of Cyclic Peptides!

Amidine Functionality As a Conformational Probe of Cyclic Peptides

Welcome to our new graduate student Alaeddeen Al-Toum (McMaster University)!

Have a look at Andrei's perspective article on Synthetic Half-Reactions, out in Chemical Science!

Have a look at Frank, Tien and Shinya A.'s publication on the Synthesis of α-Bromoacetyl MIDA Boronate in Organic Syntheses!

Congratulations to our summer undergraduate NSERC student Seamus Corlett for earning an award at the department's annual summer poster session!

The title of her thesis is Investigating the Synthesis and Reactivity of Boron Carbonyl Compounds”.Aleksandra will joining the Process Chemistry group at AbbVie in Chicago!

Please join us in congratulating Diego (PhD '19) for winning the 2020 Chair's Gold Medal! The title of his thesis is Identification of novel structural motifs for mining the conformational space of boron- and peptide-based molecules

Congratulations to Andrei on his recent appointment as a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Medicine by Design! "This CRC funding will allow my lab to understand how to force a wide range of chemical structures into unusual, yet stable, conformations," says Yudin. "We will apply the knowledge of the emerging dark space in our effort to generate new bioactive forms of chemical structures and understand how they interact with proteins and other biomolecules."

Check out Yury and Chirag's work on fluorescent boramidines in collaboration with the Seferos and Aspuru-Guzik group!

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University of Toronto
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Toronto, Ontario  M5S 3H6
Phone:  416-946-5042
Room:  Davenport Building, Rm. 362