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In addition to attending conferences around the world, we enjoy many fun activities around the great city of Toronto. Featured here are some of our favourite memories from conferences and other social endeavours. Follow us on Twitter for the latest scoop!


NSERC Award Recipients: Dwight meets Justin Trudeau (Ottawa, May 2019)

ACS NOLA: Dwight receives the Harry Gray Award! (New Orleans, Mar 2018)

Fusion 4th Functional Polymers: Paniz, Bryony & Friends (Bahamas, June 2018)

100th CSC: SRG Reunion (Toronto, May 2017)

Fπ11 (France, June 2013)

Fπ11: Paul’s Poster Prize (France, June 2013)

Inorganic Discussion Weekend (Ottawa, Nov 2012)

Holiday Festivities

New Year Festivities (Jan 2019)

ChemClub Holiday Party (2018)

SRG Secret Santa (2018)

ChemClub Holiday Party (2017)

ChemClub Holiday Party (2016)

SRG Holiday Party (2014)

SRG Holiday Party (2014)

ChemClub Holiday Party (2012)

SRG Holiday Party (2010)

ChemClub Formal Dinner

Formal (2018)

Formal (2017)

Formal (2016)

Formal (2012)

Formal (2011)

Formal (2010)

Celebrations and Farewells

Paniz celebrates her defense! (Dec 2020)

Adam celebrates his defense! (Dec 2020)

Bryony celebrates her defense! (Dec 2020)

Mark celebrates his defense! (Sep 2020)

Nim celebrates her defense! (Sep 2020)

Shuyang celebrates his defense! (Jan 2019)

End of Term Festivities (Dec 2017)

Bon Voyage Emily & Tilley (Oct 2017)

Bon Voyage Emily & Tilley (Oct 2017)

Tyler celebrates his defense! (Sept 2017)

Bye Tony! (Aug 2016)

Peng-Fei’s Farewell Lunch (July 2016)

End of Term Festivities (Dec 2015)

Farewell Lisa and Naoki! (Aug 2015)

Happy Convocation Ashlee, Greg & Jon! (Fall 2014)

Tyler & Tilley’s Birthdays and Lisa & Collin’s Oral Exam Celebrations (July 2013)

Farewell David! (2010)


Mont Tremblant Trip (Jan 2019)

SRG Ski Trip (Mar 2018)

SRG Ski Trip (Mar 2018)

Curling (Mar 2018)

Mont Tremblant Trip (Jan 2018)

Mount Tremblant Trip (Jan 2018)

Canada’s Wonderland (Aug 2015)

Canada’s Wonderland (Aug 2015)

Rock Climbing (2012)

Cottage Weekend (2011)

Lisa fits into various things (Date Unknown)