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  • Murphy Group - Summer 2021
  • Murphy Group - Oct 2019
  • Murphy Group Chritsmas Party 2018
  • Research in the Arctic

    We travelled to the Arctic in 2014 and 2016 to better understand the sources and fate of NH3 in the Arctic


  • Research at the Experimental Farm

    We collaborate with scientists from Agriculture and Agri-food Canada to understand emissions of NH3 from fertilized crops

The field of environmental chemistry comprises many research questions that are both challenging to scientists and relevant to society. Research in our group applies state-of-the-science analytical techniques to address issues including urban air quality, climate change, acid precipitation, and ecosystem function. Earth systems are difficult to fully characterize because of the range of temporal and spatial scales involved, and the large number of feedbacks, non-linearities, and interactions between systems. Models developed to represent these systems are often poorly constrained due to the limited availability of long term, precise, and accurate observations with adequate geographic coverage and spatial resolution. Our focus is on field measurements, particularly of reactive nitrogen compounds, that can be used to evaluate our understanding of the rates and mechanisms of chemical transformations in the environment.

Welcome to Murphy Research Group


Ye just defended his PhD thesis and now he's officially Dr. Tao!

Amy Hrdina received a poster presentation award at the NADP meeting last week for her poster describing her work developing, building and deploying a new relaxed eddy accumulation ion chromatography system.

We are presenting results from our collaborative work at the Experimental Farm in Ottawa this week at the National Atmospheric Deposition Program Meeting in Albany, NY  Saumy Singh is giving a talk entitled “Measuring Surface-Atmosphere Exchange of Ammonia over a Corn Field Using the Eddy Covariance Method”   Amy Hrdina is sharing some recent results in a poster entitled “A New Online Continuous Relaxed Eddy Accumulation Flux System Coupled with Ion Chromatographs” 

Ye passed his proposal appraisal exam and he's now officially a PhD candidate in Environmental Science. Way to go, Ye!

Thanks to Jen for making wraps and purchasing chips, lemonade, and ice cream sandwiches for a very tired group after a long lab clean up day.  

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University of Toronto
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