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  • Donaldson Group Photo Summer 2019


    Here we have the Donaldson Group smiling in the sunshine! In front we have Jamie Donaldson. Behind him, from left to right we have Heather, Florian, Stephanie, Isabel and Laura.

  • Donaldson Group Photo 2018-2019

    Heather, Stephanie, Laura, Isabel and Jamie pose together in the Davenport atrium. We promise Jamie is in this photo...somewhere.

  • Donaldson Group Photo Spring 2018

    Jamie, Jessica, Stephanie, Liron, Heather, and Laura pose for a picture together!

  • Donaldson Group Photo Fall 2017


    Heather, Liron, Laura, Jamie and Jessica pose for a picture together! They are even smiling!

  • Group Photo 2015

     Alyson, Karen, Angela, Jamie, Laura and Nicole!

What We Do:

In our lab, we are interested in chemistry that happens on surfaces which are exposed to the atmosphere, as well as photochemistry that takes place following vibrational excitation of atmospheric molecules. We use tools from physical, analytical, and theoretical chemistry to try to understand the processes which take place at the interface between the atmosphere and a condensed phase, especially aqueous droplets and organic coatings. We use spectroscopic and theoretical methods to study the chemistry of vibrationally excited molecules in the atmosphere.

Welcome to Donaldson Research Group


Heather and Jamie's latest paper, entitled "Water uptake by indoor surfaces" has just been published in Scientific Reports. You can check the paper out with full text access by clicking on this link:

Stephanie Jones recently attended the 29th International Conference on Photochemistry (ICP), which took place in Boulder, Colorado. Her talk was entitled "Investigating the Photoenhanced Uptake of NOx on Indoor Painted Surfaces under Different Illumination Conditions." This is work that she has done for the past year and a half with Heather and Florian.

We want to welcome Florian to our group for the summer! He will be working on experiments that pick up where Heather left off.

Today Heather presented her Master's thesis entitled: "Grime Scene Investigators: The Photolysis of Nitrate from Indoor Surfaces". Very punny Heather. We are very proud of Heather and we are also happy to announce that Heather will be staying with us until April to work on Season 2 of "Grime Scene Investigators".

Jamie and Heather attended the 2018 Chemistry of Indoor Environments Science Meeting in Boulder Colorado, funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. This meeting brought together researchers from all over the world to share their work thus far as part of the program. Jamie gave a presentation titled “Indoor heterogeneous photochemistry - a real thing!”, and Heather presented a poster on "The photolysis of nitrate from TiO2 and painted surfaces via indoor light". 

Contact Info

Department of Chemistry
University of Toronto
Lash Miller Chemical Laboritories
80 St. George St.
Toronto, Ontario  M5S 3H6
Phone:  416-978-8596
Office:  LM316
Lab: LM315