Eugenia Kumacheva's Polymers, Interfaces, and Materials Science Group

Selected Publications

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  • Tao, H.; Wu, T.; Aldeghi, M.; Wu, T.; Aspuru-Guzik, A.; Kumacheva, E.* Nanoparticle Synthesis Assisted by Machine Learning. Nature Rev. Mater. (accepted)

  • Prince, E.; Chen, Z.; Khuu, N.; Kumacheva, E.* Nanofibrillar Hydrogel Recapitulates Changes Occurring in the Fibrotic Extracellular Matrix. Biomacromolecules (accepted)

  • Ackroyd, A. J.; Hollo, G.; Mundoor, H.; Zhang, H.; Gang, O.; Smalyukh, I. I.; Lagzi, I.;* Kumacheva, E.* Self-organization of Nanoparticles and Molecules in Periodic Liesegang-type Structures. Science Advances (accepted).

  • Ma, J.; Tran, G.; Wan, A.; Young, E. W. K.; Kumacheva, E.; Iscove, N. N.; Zandstra, P. W.* Microdroplet- Analysis and Rare Cell Detection Based One-Step RT-PCR for Ultrahigh Throughput Single-Cell Multiplex Gene Expression. Scientific Reports (accepted).

  • Gevorkian, A.; Morozova, S.M.; Kheiri, S.; Khuu, N.; Chen, H.; Young, E.; Yan, N.; Kumacheva, E.*  Actuation of 3D-printed Nanocolloidal Hydrogel with Structural Anisotropy. Adv. Funct. Mater. 20110743 (2021).

  • Li. Y.; Khuu, N.; Prince, E.; Tao, H.; Zhang, N.;  Chen, Z.; Gevorkian, A.; McGuigan, A. P.; Kumacheva, E.   Matrix Stiffness-Regulated Growth of Breast Tumor Spheroids and their Response to Chemotherapy. Biomacromolecules. 22, 2, 419–429 (2021). (Highlighted as the cover page)