Eugenia Kumacheva's Polymers, Interfaces, and Materials Science Group

Selected Publications

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  • Seo, M.; Xu, S.; Nie, Z.; Lewis, P.C.; Graham, R.; Mok, M.; Kumacheva, E. Continuous Microfluidic Reactors For Polymer Particles/ Langmuir 21, 4773-4775 (2005). (Invited Feature article)
  • Kumacheva, E. Photonic Crystals/ Advanced Materials 17, 2770 (2005)
  • Nie, Z.; Xu, S.; Seo, M.; Lewis, P.C.; Kumacheva, E. Polymer Particles with Various Shapes and Morphologies Produced in Continuous Microfluidic Reactors/ J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 127, 8058-8063 (2005)
  • Zhang, J.; Xu, S.; Kumacheva, E. Photogeneration of Fluorescent Silver Nanoclusters in Polymer Microgels/ Advanced Materials 17, 2336-2340 (2005)
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  • (highlighted in Lab on a Chip) Seo, M.; Nie, Z.; Xu, S.; Lewis, P.C.; Kumacheva, E. Microfluidics: from Dynamic Lattices to Periodic Arrays of Polymer Disks/ Langmuir 21, 4773-4775 (2005) cover page
  • Alteheld, A.; Gourevich, I.; Field, L.; Paquet, C.; Kumacheva, E. Multilayer Polymer Particles with Periodic Modulation in Refractive Index/ Macromolecules 38, 3301-3306 (2005)
  • Xu, S.; Nie, Z.; Seo, M.; Lewis, P.C.; Kumacheva, E.; Garstecki, P.; Weibel, D.; Gitlin, I.; Whitesides, G.M.; Stone, H.A. Generation of Monodisperse Particles Using Microfluidics: Control over Size, Shape and Composition/ Angew. Chemie Intnl. Ed. 44, 724-728 (2005)
  • (highlighted in Small) Sukhovatkin, V.; Musikhin, S.; Gorelikov, I.; Cauchi, S.; Bakueva, L.; Kumacheva, E.; Sargent, E.H. Room-Temperature Optical Gain at Telecommunications Wavelengths in Solution-Processed Quantum Dot Films/ Optics. Lett. 13, 344-351 (2005)
  • Zhang, X.; Gorelikov, I.; Musikhin, S.; Cauchi, S.; Sukhovatkin, V.; Sargent, E.H; Kumacheva, E. Synthesis and Optical Properties of Thiol-Stabilized PbS Nanocrystals/ Langmuir 21, 1086-1090 (2005)
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  • Paquet, C.; Cyr, P.W.; Kumacheva, E.; Manners I. A Rationalized Approach to Molecular Tailoring of Polymetallocenes with Predictable Optical Properties/ Chem. Mater. 16, 5205-5211 (2004)
  • Garstecki, P.; Gitlin, I.; DiLuzio, W.; Whitesides, G.M.; Kumacheva, E.; Stone, H. A. Formation of Monodisperse Bubbles in a Microfluidic Flow-Focusing Device/ Appl. Phys. Lett. 85, 2649-2651 (2004)
  • Zhang, H.; Oh, M.; Allen, C.; Kumacheva, E. Monodisperse Chitosan Nanoparticles for Mucosal Drug Delivery/ Biomacromolecules 5, 2461-2468 (2004)
  • Gorelikov, I.; Kumacheva, E. Electrodeposition of Polymer-Semiconductor Nanocomposite Films/ Chem. Mater. 16, 4122-4127 (2004)
  • Allard, M.; Sargent, E. H.; Lewis, P. C.; Kumacheva, E. Colloidal Crystals Grown on Patterned Surfaces/ Advanced Materials 16, 1360-1364 (2004)
  • Zhang, J.; Xu, S.; Kumacheva, E. Microgel Reactors for Semiconductor, Metal and Magnetic Nanoparticles/ J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 26, 7908-7914 (2004)
  • (highlighted in Science) Chestakova, A.; Kumacheva, E. Shear in Surface Gel of Associative Polymer/ Macromolecules 37, 5047-5053 (2004)
  • Gourevich, I.; Pham, H.; Jonkman, J.; Kumacheva, E. Multidye Nanostructured Material for Optical Data Storage and Security Labeling/ Chem. Mater. 16, 1472-1479 (2004)
  • Bakueva, L.; Gorelikov, I.; Musikhin, S.; Zhao, X.; Sargent, E. H.; Kumacheva, E. One-Stage Aqueous Synthesis of Tunable 800-1300 nm Quantum Dots with Stable Efficient Luminescence/ Advanced Materials 16, 926-929 (2004)
  • Pham, H.; Gourevich, I.; Oh, J.K.;Jonkman, J.E.N.; Kumacheva, E.; A Multidye Nanostructured Material for Optical Data Storage and Security Data Encryption/ Advanced Materials 16, 516-520 (2004) cover page / Among 10 most read papers from Jan. to Oct. 2004
  • Paquet, C.; Cyr, P.; Kumacheva, E.; Manners, I.; Polyferrocenes: Metallopolymers with Tunable and High Refractive Indices/ Chemical Communications 2, 234-235 (2004)
  • Lin, Y.; Zhang, J.; Sargent, E.H.; Kumacheva, E. Third-order Optical Nonlinearity and Figure of Merit of CdS Nanocrystals Chemically Stabilized in Spin-Processable Polymeric Films/ J. Mater. Sci. 39, 993-997 (2004)
  • Golding, R.K.; Lewis, P.; Kumacheva, E.; Allard, M.; Sargent, E.H.; In-Situ Study of Colloid Crystallization in Constrained Geometry/ Langmuir 20, 1414-1419 (2004) cover page