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Dalton Transactions 2007

Current Interests
Our research interests span a wide range of inorganic main group and organometallic chemistry. In the more fundamental projects, new reactivity and chemical transformations are targeted with a view to developing new catalysts to either new materials or new processes. In addition, we are targeting  the design and development of new catalyst and process technologies for use in commercial applications. 

Current fundamental projects are focused in the areas:
· The reactivity of  "frustrated Lewis pairs"
· Towards FLP-N2 chemistry
· C-H bond activation and C-C bond formation by FLPs
· B-based catalysis
· Main Group cations
· Main group CO2 chemistry
· P-based Lewis acids
· Main Group Metathesis
· C-F bond functionalization by main group species

Current Research support is derived from:
· Canada Foundation for Innovation
· Research and Innovation (ON)
· Canada Research Chair
· Polanyi Award (NSERC of Canada)
· NSERC Discovery Grant
· University of Toronto