Mass Spectrometry - AIMS Lab



The AIMS Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (Advanced Instrumentation for Molecular Structure) was established in the summer of 2005 and houses several mass spectrometers. The facility currently accepts samples from researchers within the Department of Chemistry and the University of Toronto as well as clients from outside universities, hospitals and private industry.

Mass spectrometry is one of the key analytical techniques employed in molecular structure determination. With sufficient mass resolution and mass accuracy, elemental compositions of small ions may be determined and the masses of proteins weighing hundreds of kilodaltons (kDa) may be obtained. Mass spectrometry is also one of the most sensitive analytical techniques and is commonly employed for quantitative analysis in many areas of research. To learn more about the instrumentation and services available, please take a few moments to browse the website.

Email Results Return Policy

All mass spectrometry results will be returned via email.

Please DOWNLOAD a new sample submission form and TYPE a VALID email address to ensure prompt delivery of results.

Printed results will no longer be provided and sample submission forms will be returned via scanned pdf.

Samples will be held for 2 DAYS ONLY and thereafter, will be DISCARDED PROMPTLY.
To retrieve your sample, please pick it up as soon as your results are returned.


Please direct all inquiries for service and pricing to the laboratory manager: Dr. Matthew W. Forbes ( or (416) 978 5089).