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ChemClub lists available tutors within the department. We do not organize tutoring services or oversee the services students listed on this page offer independently from ChemClub. Please contact potential tutors directly. All requests made directly to ChemClub will not receive a response.

Name and Email Course(s) Experience Hourly Rate
Kirsten Yeung CHM135/136/151, CHM310, CHM410 PhD student with over 10 years of high school and university tutoring experience. TA experience in CHM135, CHM310, and CHM410. Hon. BSc from the University of Toronto St. George
$40-70/hour, group rates available
Stephanie Nakamata All organic courses: CHM 136/151, 247/249, 342, 343, 347, 348, 432, 440, 441, 443 Took listed courses in undergrad (4.0 in all). Have TA and tutoring experience in the courses as a PhD student.
Cindy Ma High school science courses, first and second year chemistry courses, pharmacy courses. Undergraduate degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from U of T. Took CHM151, CHM249, CHM217, CHM220, CHM223, CHM414, CHM417 as an undergrad. Current PhD student in biological chemistry. Several years of teaching experience, have TA’d CHM151.
Juliana Seok All highschool and first-year chemistry courses. (Also biochemistry, biology, physics, and math.) Experienced with TAing chemistry courses. Graduated with Honours BSc. from McGill University in chemistry with distinctions. Currently a graduate student in biological chemistry at UofT. $30/hr
Diya Zhu CHM 135, 136, and 151; SAT subject and MCAT general chemistry 6 Years of teaching experience as a university TA and private tutor in first and second year chemistry courses. PhD in inorganic chemistry. Awarded as the best TA of the year.
Eliar Mosaferi Organic and inorganic courses, all years (such as CHM138, CHM139, CHM151, CHM238, CHM247, and CHM338) 5th year Ph.D student with experience as TA in CHM138, 139, 238, and 338. Six years tutoring experience at high school and university level courses. Former MCAT General Chemistry instructor specializing in test taking skills.
$50/hour (reduced group rates available)
Hava Friedman High school Math, Chemistry, and Physics. Calculus I, II, III (MAT 135/136/237), Linear Algebra (MAT 223), any Physical Chemistry (CHM 135/220/222/223/326/328), first-year physics (PHY 131/132), and basic programming help (Matlab/Java/C++). Honours undergraduate degree in Chemistry from McGill University. Teaching assistant for CHM 135/220/223 over the past 4 years with excellent feedback from students. PhD candidate in theoretical chemical physics at U of T.
40$/hour (negotiable for groups and based on topics)
Heather Schwartz-Narbonne Grades 11 and 12 Chemistry, CHM135, CHM217, CHM317, CHM210, CHM410 2nd year MSc. student in Environmental Chemistry. Hons BSc. (specialization in Chemistry, minor in Biology), 10 years tutoring experience, experience both taking and TAing CHM217 and CHM410.
Heyuan Lu CHM136,247/249,342,343,347,440. Specialized in Organic Chemistry. 2nd year PhD student in Organic chemistry with experience as a TA for CHM136 and CHM343. As a recent UofT undergrad I've personally taken all the courses and know the content well. Native mandarin speaker.
Ilya Gourevich first year chemistry courses such as CHM138, CHM139, and CHM151. BSc and M. Eng in Chemical Engineering and MSc in Chemistry
Iden Djavani-Tabrizi General chemistry (CHM135), first-year calculus, first-year physics, high school math (calculus, vectors, advanced functions), chemistry, and physics 2nd year PhD student in physical/analytical chemistry with experience as a TA for CHM135 and CHM217. Hon.BSc in Chemistry from the University of Ottawa, magna cum laude. 2 years of tutoring experience for high school level math. $30/hour (negotiable)
Anthony Palermo All organic chemistry courses offered, i.e. CHM136, CHM151, CHM247, CHM249, CHM342, CHM343, CHM347, CHM348, CHM440, CHM441. Ph.D. student (synthetic organic chemistry, University of Toronto), M.Sc. (synthetic organic chemistry, McGill University), Honours B.Sc (chemical biology, McMaster University). I worked for several years as a medicinal chemist at a pharmaceutical company in San Francisco (2016-2019) before joining U of T. I have TA’d first and second year organic chemistry courses throughout my M.Sc. and B.Sc. programs, and I have completed several grad level organic chemistry courses at McGill. $40-50 per hour, group meets are possible and the rates for those are flexible depending on the number of students
Jennifer Tran CHM135/136, 151, 220, and all high school science and math courses MSc (Physical Chemistry), Honours BSc. with High Distinction (Chemistry & EEB). 2 years TA experience for CHM135/139, 6 years mentorship and tutoring experience for high school and first-year students (FLC, CHM151 Course Community), 99.9th percentile on MCAT Physical Sciences. Program Coordinator for Pueblo Science, a non-profit charity for science education.
$45/hr, negotiable for groups
Kevin Szkop CHM138, 139, 151, 238, 247, and high school math and sciences PhD student in inorganic and organometallic chemistry, BSc. (Hons) with emphasis in Environmental and Inorganic Chemistry, 4 years Teaching Assistant experience, currently Teaching Assistant for CHM 139, 4 years tutor experience at high school and university levels in chemistry
$30/hr (negotiable)
Lawrence Wang All first year chemistry, upper level physical chemistry, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, as well as any math or physics courses. Second year Master's student in the Goh group, currently specialized in experimental physical chemistry. BSc Combined Honours in Chemistry and Physics. Teaching experience as both a chemistry and physics TA (CHM135, CHM327 and PHYS101 at UBC) as well as being a private tutor for chemistry (high school, CHM222, CHM223, and CHEM121 at UBC) and math (high school, MATH180 at UBC).
Louie Fan Grade 11 & 12 CHM, CHM 151, CHM 136, CHM 135, CHM 238, CHM 338 Ph.D, B.Sc, B.Ed, Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT), Private tutor Grade 11 & 12 for 6 yr. CHM 136 Tutorial TA/Marker for 7 terms. CHM 151 Tutorial TA/Marker for 2 terms.
$40 for first hour, $30 for each subsequent hour of the session (group tutoring at reduced rate)
Mark Miltenburg CHM135, PHY131/132, high school math/physics/chemistry B.A.Sc in Nanotechnology Engineering, 4 years TAing CHM135
Michael Bielecki All Organic/Bio-Organic Courses 5+ years of experience as a university teacher and private tutor. PhD in bio-organic chemistry.
$45/hr, (discounts available)
Nesrin Vurgun I am more than happy to tutor high school chemistry and biology, first
year organic chemistry, and any undergraduate biological/biochemistry
courses. I can also provide tutorials about effective writing and
presentation skills.
I am Ph.D. graduate in biological chemistry. I have previously TAed
first, second, and third year courses in general chemistry, organic,
and biological chemistry (seven years of experience).
$40/hour (negotiable)
Nick Michel All organic chemistry courses offered by the faculty, which are CHM136, CHM151, CHM247, CHM249, CHM342, CHM343, CHM347, CHM348, CHM440, CHM441. I am currently a 3rd year Ph.D. student in synthetic organic chemistry. I completed my undergraduate degree at U of T, graduating with high distinction and have taken all of the courses listed above with the exception of CHM151. I have TA’d multiple sections for both CHM247 and CHM136 and was a course community mentor for CHM 151. I am also available as an electronic resource for questions in lieu of a full meeting. $40-50 per hour. Flexible for groups and negotiable for bulk sessions.
David Petrone CHM135, CHM136, CHM151, CHM238, CHM247, CHM249, CHM338, CHM348, CHM432, and CHM440, as well as high school level chemistry (grades 11 and 12). Ph.D. (organic chemistry, University of Toronto), B.Sc. (organic chemistry, University of Guelph). 8 years of experience tutoring and teaching in organic chemistry. Currently employed as a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Toronto. I am available to meet students on or off campus within the downtown area.

45$ per hour, groups are negotiable

Sam McWhirter CHM 135, 136, 151, 217, 220, 222, 317 and high school sciences/math PhD student in analytical chemistry. Hons BSc (w/ distinction) from Mount Allison University with minors in biology and biochem. 5 years of TA experience in general chem, analytical chem, phys chem, organic chem and calculus (including 2 years in CHM 135).
$25/hr, negotiable for groups
Stephanie Schneider First year general chemistry, analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, high school chemistry. Honors B.Sc. in Chemistry at the University of Alberta with a focus on analytical/environmental chemistry. PhD student in environmental chemistry in the Abbatt group. TA experience in CHM 135, 136, 210, and 410.
Stan Wong General chemistry, physical chemistry (CHM153), math (MAT135, MAT137, etc), physics 1st year and all grades for high school. PhD in Biomedical Engineering, BASc in Engineering Science. 4 years TAing experience. More than 10 years of private tutoring experience in high school and university-level math, physics, chemistry, and biology. 4-years of experience as science instructor at Pueblo Science, a science education charitable organization.
$50/hour, negotiable for groups
Stephen Ho CHM138/139, and 217, High school chemistry and physics 6 years TA experience in inorganic, analytical, forensic and first year chemistry. Hon(BSc) at U of T, currently a PhD candidate in analytical chemistry. With 4 years experience in tutorial first year chemistry courses (CHM138/139H, CHM110/120H) at St George and Mississauga campus, 3 year experience in tutoring grade 12 university level chemistry.
$40/hour, $50/hour upon request at any location away from St George Campus
Stephen Sciuto High school and 1st year Chemistry. Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry with availability to meet students for in-home tutoring in and around the GTA. I specialize in tutoring high school and 1st year undergraduate chemistry. I have three years of experience as a CHM139 teacher’s assistant (CHM135/CHM136) and over six years experience as a private tutor.
Jordan Goodreid CHM135, CHM136, CHM151, CHM247, CHM249 as well as high school level chemistry (preferably upper years, grades 11/12) Ph.D. (organic chemistry, University of Toronto), M.Sc. (organic chemistry, University of Guelph), B.Sc. (University of Guelph). 10+ years of tutoring/teaching experience in the area of organic chemistry. Accomplished researcher and scholar, currently employed in the pharmaceutical industry. I am available to meet with students both on-campus as well as off-campus within the GTA. 50$ per hour, negotiable for groups
Shawn Postle High school math and science, CHM151, CHM152, CHM138, CHM139, CHM 238, and CHM338 Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry. Six years experience as personal tutor. Developed and implemented course content first-year course. Experience as exam marker and invigilator. Five years experience as TA in first and second year chemistry courses. $40/hour, discounts for groups available