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Funding & Reimbursement

Requests for ChemClub Funding

The Uof T ChemClub is happy to assist in funding for events held within the Department of Chemistry. The following list are some initiatives that we've funded in the past:

  • Environmental Chemistry Colloquium
  • Polymers and Materials Chemistry Colloquium
  • Biological Chemistry Colloquium
  • Departmental soccer team
  • Undergraduate Poster Session
  • Green Chemistry Initiative
  • Short Course on Process Chemistry, taught by chemists from Merck
  • Science Rendezvous


Instructions for funding applications

Step 1. Fill out the ChemClub Funding Request Form and submit it with a proposed budget to ChemClub through e-mail or directly to the treasurer or president at least two weeks prior to the event.

Step 2. ChemClub will reply within two weeks and ask for more detail if necessary.

Step 3. If funding has been granted, please compile itemized receipts shortly following the event and submit them, along with a final budget. You will receive your reimbursement in the form of a cheque. All successful applications must acknowledge, whenever possible, ChemClub's contributions by including our logo (.jpg) in all promotional materials, presentations, etc.


Requests for Transportation Reimbursement

Transportation Reimbursement Form