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One of ChemClub's core missions is to organize social events for the students, staff and faculty of the Department of Chemistry. To stay up to date on all of our events, please see our Google calendar!

Everyone from the department is welcome, so come out!

If you have an idea for an event you’d like to see, let us know at We’d love to hear from you!

Photos from some past events are on our Flickr page.

Some typical events ChemClub organizes are below. Not every event is held every year, and there is always room for new events!

Doughnuts ChemClub provides doughnuts for department members most Friday afternoons. It gives students and post-docs an opportunity to interact with others they do not otherwise see during the week, helping provide a sense of community. Doughnuts are occasionally replaced by brunch or ice cream in the courtyard.

Formal To end each academic year, we have a private formal attire event off-campus. It includes a cocktail reception, a three-course meal, and entertainment from a hired band/DJ late into the night.

Holiday Party To get in the holiday spirit and wind down the calendar year, we have a semi-formal attire Holiday Party. This begins as a private event off-campus with drinks and upscale appetizers. The venue then opens to the public, and students have the option to dance the night away.

Ski Trip ChemClub organizes an annual weekend Ski Trip through a travel company. We take an overnight bus to the luxurious Mont Tremblant resort. Participants hit the slopes with the option to rent equipment during the day then relax in a hot tub and their hotel rooms at night.

Theme Nights Two to three times per year, we have a large gathering in the Davenport Atrium on a Friday night. Everyone enjoys a free buffet dinner, cheap drinks, and entertainment. Recent themes include Vegas, Carnival, and Oktoberfest.

Curling A large group takes Toronto transit to a local Curling Club. This private event includes a lesson in this beloved Canadian sport, hours of low-key competitive ice time, and dinner.

Pub Crawl We travel to four bars around the city. A large portion of the department gets to hang out all night and try new bars where some drinks and snacks are provided - all in matching T-shirts!

Faculty and Staff Appreciation BBQ Once per year, we host a summer BBQ in our courtyard. ChemClub executives fire up grills and serve faculty and staff a free lunch. Students then come outside to join in and thank faculty and staff for all they contribute to the department.

Halloween Party The Friday before Halloween, we have a candy-filled party with costume and team pumpkin carving contests. Contest winners receive tickets to our upcoming Holiday Party. We then head to a nearby bar for snacks and drinks.

Trivia Nights About once a semester, we have a department trivia night at a nearby bar. Everything from writing questions, hosting, and scoring is done by students. There are many prizes to be won!

Camping Trip ChemClub organizes a group of students heading up north to camp for a weekend. Members have this opportunity to spend some time outside of the city relaxing with friends.

Arts Events Toronto offers much in terms of arts. We take group trips to see shows such as the Toronto Symphony Orchestra or Mirvish Productions like plays and musicals.

Sporting Events Let's go home team! We take multiple groups per year to see the Blue Jays, Raptors, and/or Marlies (Toronto's MLB, NBA, and AHL teams).

Volunteer Appreciation Parties Every September and January, we ask for graduate student volunteers to help out in ChemClub stores. Every October and February, we thank them for their help with a party at a nearby restaurant.

New Student Welcome Most graduate students join the department in September. We encourage them to meet each other and begin growing their network of friends in the department right away. Past events have included a BBQ and photo scavenger hunt on Toronto's Centre Island and a walking tour of useful spots near campus followed by an outdoor movie screening in our courtyard.

Board Game Night The Davenport Atrium is transformed into board game central. ChemClub provides some board games, video games, and snacks. We also encourage students to bring their own games to share!