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About ChemClub

The ChemClub executive consists of 9 graduate students who volunteer their time to improve student life experience in the UofT Department of Chemistry. The executive meets on a weekly basis to plan and co-ordinate up-coming events, organize sales at ChemClub Stores and discuss other issues pertaining to life in the Chemistry Department. ChemClub provides funds for several scholarships that are awarded to chemistry students. To help build and maintain the excellent student community within the Chemistry Department, ChemClub co-ordinates numerous events throughout the year. Check out our events page to stay up-to-date. In addition, ChemClub maintains the Graduate Student Lounge, which is a great common space for graduate students and post-docs to relax when they want to step away from the lab.
Members of the executives are elected from within the Chemistry Department; if you are a graduate student interested in becoming involved with ChemClub, we encourage you to consider running for a position.  Elections are held twice a year, in October and in April. In October, elections are held to fill two Executive at Large positions. The Executive at Large plays a support role within the club, helping to organize and run events, as well as to provide a hand with other miscellaneous tasks, such as maintaining the Grad Lounge and the ChemClub website. In April, elections are held for the following positions:

Store Manager
Internal Events Coordinator
External Events Coordinator
Graduate Student Union Representative

Members of the current Board of Executive can be found here.